Monday, December 28, 2009


Black Bears have always been plentiful where I live. Everyone has stories about seeing them or having a close encounter with them out in the forest, at the dumps, in their yard, school etc.

At one time, we lived in a Provincial Park and all of the residents went to the dumps in the evening to watch the bears and as long as food was available and we kept our distance in our vehicles, they never bothered us.

Often in the fall, they'd wander through our yards licking bbqs, checking out compost bins or fruit trees and searching out other sources of food.
They never harmed anyone and if we yelled at them or dogs barked, they would just leave.

Where I live now in the city, there are many orchards so in the fall the bears come in looking for fruit but because it is a city, they don't get a second chance and if caught they are usually shot.

I did a Google search out of curiosity to know how many bears were killed in our province and found this news story;

From 1992 to 1996, approximately 245 grizzlies and 4246 black bears were shot in British Columbia because of perceived and actual threats to human safety...
I was stunned by the number of them.

These photos are my tribute to these incredibly beautiful animals.

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