Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Blue Jays

For a short while I lived in a place where Blue Jays frequented my bird feeders. I still recall the thrill of excitement at seeing that first flash of blue.

They truly are incredibly beautiful birds and it's a good thing too because their personality leaves a lot to be desired.

They attacked any other bird that came near the feeder, squawked incessantly and even fought with the squirrel.

You knew the moment it arrived from it's harsh call and the noise continued until it left but somehow I still felt very pleased to see it there.

They are very intelligent and can mimic the call of a hawk to scare away other birds if their bullying tactics don't work.  They did it quite often whenever the competition for the bird seed became too much,  They'd sit in the trees above and do the hawk call and the other birds would dive for cover leaving all the food to them.

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