Monday, December 28, 2009


If you have been to my Zazzle store you will notice that I also love Chickadees.
It always makes my day when I see one. There is something incredibly cheerful about their upbeat little song.
You never have to wonder what kind of bird they are, between their outstanding black and white color and announcing their own name they are hard to miss.

I have gone for many walks in the forest while they followed me. Flying from tree to tree they sing out and pretend they are really intent on finding a bug.

I haven't figured out if they are territorial and want me out of there or if they've come to associate people with food.

I remember seeing them at my outdoor dogs feed bowl. They love bones and scraps of meat, especially during the winter but will happily settle for sunflower seeds.

I find that after I've drawn one picture of them, I just think of another I want to do and have limited myself somewhat to just a few but I think as time goes on I'll keep adding.

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