Monday, December 28, 2009


I painted this Magpie because I have recently grown so fond of them. I live about 2 blocks from my workplace and have discovered that the Magpie family that I feed at home has their nest in some trees at work.

When I go out in the yard at work now, they call to me as if wondering where the food is. If I don’t put any food out at home they sit on my roof and complain until I do. Apparently, they’ve figured out that I’m the same person at both places and aren't shy about asking.

This picture is an attempt to show some of their charming personality and incredible colors. At first glance they appear black and white but if you study them in sunlight, you will see they are iridescent blue, green and purple.

I know they have a bad reputation with some farmers who claim they attack vulnerable livestock and yet the Chinese consider them good luck and say they will bring happiness. I prefer to believe this.

They are part of the Corvid family which includes crows and ravens. Recent studies have proven this family to be very intelligent and once you get to know them you won't have difficulty believing it.

During the summer, I've seen them searching for bugs under parked vehicles. They walk under the frame and look up all along the tires and undercarriage. The moment they spot a bug they hop straight up and grab it. It's quite comical to watch. I will have to try and capture video of it.

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