Tuesday, December 29, 2009


If you have ever lived near Seagulls you will know how vocal they can be and because I lived beside a huge river, seagulls were part of every summer day.
They called when the wind whipped up the waves revealing new food, when someone plowed or tilled the soil, when it looked like rain and whenever it looked like someone was eating.

They knew what a food package looked like or perhaps they could smell it, I don't know but somehow they always appeared and waited for french fries at a fast food place or bread crumbs at a picnic.
When I moved to the city,in a different province, although there are three lakes surrounding it, the lack of food keeps their numbers to a minimum so I really missed them.

I was very happy one day when I finally heard a flock calling. I looked up sure enough they were following children in a playground. I began to keep an eye out for them and noticed that they knew when recess and lunch hour at school was. The moment the kids got out the seagulls arrived. They circled the children calling out as if begging. On one block we have two schools and a little corner store where the kids make a daily trek for goodies. The seagulls follow faithfully there and back but the moment the breaks are over and the kids disappear so do the seagulls.

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