Monday, January 4, 2010


Cougars didn't scared me until I moved here. Then one after another news stories came out about people who were attacked by them, people on horses, on bikes or just out walking, it didn't seem to matter. It's pretty terrifying to think of yourself as being stalked when you're out for a walk or even in your back yard.

Bears only seem to go after people when they've been fed or allowed to get too familiar or are protecting their young but Cougars see us as prey.

I've always loved hiking alone in the woods. I enjoyed exploring nature trails on my own. It was easier to be quiet and so the chance of seeing an animal or bird was much greater. I didn't worry because I knew that the worst that could happen was perhaps a Black Bear but now, I'm more cautious. Our parks here put up a notice if a bear or cougar are spotted but that doesn't help the first person who sees them.

In spite of their behavior, I've always admired them but it wasn't until I painted this little cub, that I realized what beautiful blue eyes they have.

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