Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Coyotes are very common in this area. They roam around our neighborhood from dusk to dawn, looking for mice, cats and small dogs. When we hear them calling, they can be just feet from our window.

When I had a job that started at 6am and I had to walk my dog earlier, I saw quite a few. Often, they would be several blocks ahead or behind me so I could get home quickly but one morning, I came around a corner and there was one about 20 feet in front of me with several more bringing up the rear.

My dog is half Pomeranian and I'm sure he looks quite tasty so I grabbed him and cut through my cedar hedges as quick as I could. It was a scary experience that I wouldn't want to repeat.

My favorite coyote, was one I happened upon early one winter morning while he was going through my neighbor's yard. He was probably from that spring's litter, so I'm guessing under a year old but his most striking feature, was absolutely huge feet.

I guess he hadn't grown into them yet, but it was so comical, he looked like a cartoon. I thought about putting those feet on the coyote pups in this image but I'm sure everyone would think I'd made a mistake.

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