Sunday, January 24, 2010

Great Blue Heron

We are fortunate to live in an area with Great Blue Herons. Just between our Walmart and the downtown area is a creek and alongside it they've build a heronry.
They remind me of prehistoric birds and I always feel like I'm seeing something from a movie.

In the field, not far from my home is a creek and often, you can find a lone Heron fishing there. One summer afternoon, I spotted one staring at the water. It stood so still it didn't seem real so I stayed and watched, determined not to leave until I'd seen it move. My mind told me it wasn't a statue (who'd put one out in a field?) but I had a hard time believing any living thing could remain so completely motionless for so long.

It eventually decided there was no fish in the creek and without warning, flapped it's huge wings, made a weird un-bird-like harsh croaking sound and flew away.

Most mornings, they can be spotted flying over the city and out to the many lakes in the area. I've been told by people who have ponds that they cannot put fish in them because if the raccoons don't get them the herons do.

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