Sunday, January 3, 2010

Just Ducky

Before moving to this city, my only experience with ducks was the tame ones we tried to raise on the farm.
Maybe because this is a city, where hunting is prohibited, the ducks are friendly.

The previous summer was extremely hot so we spent a great deal of time at one of the lakes, sitting at the beach, enjoying the cool water. Every time we went, a couple female ducks came to visit. After the third visit we realized they'd formed an attachment to us and wouldn't leave even if we tried to send them away.

They would roam along the banks, looking for scraps and bugs but it was obvious they'd been fed before, because the moment they spotted our food, they became a pest.

The duck pictured here has that expectant look on her face just like the one we spent the summer with. It didn't matter if we fed her or not, she hung around or swam very close to shore within reach should we decide to pull out some food.

Unfortunately, one day, when we arrived at the beach,her friend was gone. At first, we thought it was her because we found a handful of feathers in her favorite spot. It wasn't long before she appeared, but this time alone. It could have been a dog I suppose, because it was a public beach and people disobeyed the leash law frequently or even a coyote as there are many and they aren't afraid of people or public places.

I wonder if I will see her again this summer.

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