Saturday, January 2, 2010


Sparrows are wonderful, little birds that you can see bathing in puddles at parking lots, sharing fries at McDonalds or chirping from your eavestroughing.

The more people in an area, the more sparrows. I lived in the country for years and hardly saw one but a visit to my grandmother in town and I was treated to their constant symphony of cheerful songs.

Now that I live in the city, I've found them to be the most constant source of nature in my life.
in flocks of 50 or 60 every day and yes, they aren't exotic or unusual but they are very sweet and cheerful.
Because I was feeding them and because the winter here isn't very harsh, they stay all year round. A few winters ago it got very cold and I was curious to know where they were staying at night. We have a huge privet hedge surrounding the place and it seemed likely that they stayed there but it didn't seem like a very warm place.

One morning, it was very cold and I was going out to warm up my vehicle. I just happened to look up and in the rafters of the car port was a line of little sparrow butts. It was the cutest thing I've ever seen and I just had to draw it.

I'm sure you'll see many more sparrow images in the future.

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