Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Why Horses?

Horses were never part of my life. When I was very small I remember someone coming to our house with a team of horses and a parent lifting me up to see them. They were probably draft horses and huge, I don't remember much other than being scared.

Once a year my father would borrow the neighbor's old white horse.  Dolly was her name and he would use her to haul firewood out of the forest.   He said she was so smart that he only had to tap her on the butt and she'd find her own way out.  Often she'd do it when even he couldn't figure out how.

Later, when I grew up, a neighbor had horses for farm work and I remember going to the barn to see them and being told not to get too close because they might kick and never get between them and the stall walls because they might squish you. Well, those two instances were enough to convince me to stay away from horses and I did successfully until my daughter was born.

When she was a toddler, my husband held her up to see a pony and that was it, a love affair was born. Only mom's who've had horse loving daughters know how many hours are spent waiting for them at lessons.

After years of sitting and waiting in cars,on stumps, fences or hard benches did I realize I could be drawing them.
Hence the pictures
I have learned to love them very much, but not quite get over my fear.

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  1. I am exactly the same as you when it comes to horses! But I had TWO daughters who loved them. I know exactly what you mean about sitting waiting in cars! We even arranged our family vacations around horse-riding! But the good thing is that, without that, I probably would never have discovered Wales!


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