Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Marmots are awake!

During the day, I work at a self storage place, which covers 7 acres.  Although, most of it is buildings and asphalt, wildlife still finds a way to fit in.  One of my favorite visitors is the Yellow Bellied Marmot.

They like to sit in the shade which the buildings provide and they eat the weeds growing between and around them and the rocks.
Last week when I did my usual checking on the property, I discovered that they had woken up from their hibernation.  They are very curious and will pop out to see what's going on then they disappear just as quickly.
I found this picture on Wikipedia and absolutely love the way they sit on their bums.   As I've said before I don't have any luck photographing wildlife so all I have is a painting of them.

This little Marmot on the Mug  has travelled all the way to which is created by fellow Zazzle Artist  so stop by and view her beautiful creations here:


  1. Hey, thanks like wise for the feature! :)

  2. Congratulations on being on 'best of Zazzle', Carole! And you certainly do have some interesting wildlife where you live!

  3. Nice to know ii from the marmot
    very interesting THANKS :))


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