Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Rain all week

Photo by Nicole (Barkett)Platz

It's a desert here and they are talking of water restrictions already, (no pools and no hot tubs) allowed this year.  We have clouds but never get more than a few sprinkles lately.  It's been dry for 3 years or so and we received almost no snow this winter so reservoirs are low.

I was fortunate enough to get a day off today and planned on working in my garden but we had just enough rain to  make me change my mind.

I tried a Tom Sawyer trick this week.  My garden needed digging and I had too many raspberry plants.  They were taking over the whole garden so I advertised on a Freecycle page that I had raspberry plants to give away.  Someone came yesterday and took about 1/3 of them so now that much of my garden is done.  She even raked it afterward.  By the time I've given them away, the garden will be dug up.

Then I just have to figure out how to grow a garden with no water.  I am going to put down drip hoses and lots of mulch between the rows, that is, if I get another day off soon.  At least, the lawn won't need such frequent mowing and that's a good thing as I hate mowing the lawn.


  1. Those clouds look like they might hold some rain.I hope you get some moisture soon.

  2. What wonderful photos!

    We've had a very dry April and like you, it has 'looked like rain' a few times this week but very little actually fell and I've had to resort to watering from the water butt; very unusual for April! But apparently a LOT of rain is on its way tonight and for the Bank Holiday weekend!


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