Sunday, April 4, 2010

Springtime Delayed

We had a setback in the warm, spring weather and have reverted to the cold, dark days that feel like snow may be possible.  The higher mountains have all fresh white snowy tops and the wind has been strong.

We weren't the only ones feeling the cold, as late one evening, we heard buckets being thrown around on our deck.  While the weather was warm, we hadn't heard nor seen the raccoon family that lives under our deck then last night, with the cold, they arrived and weren't too pleased to find the bucket of dog food empty.

After making a couple swipes at the bucket, they came up to the window and leaned in, looking at us.  How can you resist such cuteness?  We fill up the bucket while they pretend to hide behind the deck furniture and before the door is closed, they are eating.  My dog has made peace with them and no longer barks but occasionally they will touch noses through the glass.  The cat just sits on the handrail watching and waiting and although I've read lots of stories about them attacking cats, they seem to have a truce with ours.

Our neighbors have had to close up their cat and dog doors because when the raccoons are hungry, they simply come in and help themselves.  One elderly lady I know, woke up at night to find one growling at her in the hallway. He didn't want to be disturbed while he helped himself to her cat's food.

Along with hungry cold raccoons, we have a variety of birds which don't usually visit.  A Ring Necked Pheasant strolls by once a morning now, a family of Mourning doves and a flock of California quail.  They all visit because the new bird food has too much crushed corn in it but the sparrows and occasional finches love it too.  We have a pair of starlings nesting somewhere close by and I'm afraid to look in case, they've gotten into something they shouldn't have.  They tried to nest under our eaves and their persistent noise, scratching and chirping almost drove my daughter batty.  She would dash out in her nightgown waving a broom and yelling at 5 am.  Whenever she did that, they would respectfully move to a tree close by to watch and the moment she went inside, return to set up their squabbling.

I am hoping this cold spell passes through quickly and we can return to our spring weather, I have tulips waiting to come out and my bag of dog food is close to empty.


  1. Your weather sounds exactly the same as here in Wales. Lovely photo of the raccoons!

  2. Oh my, raccoons are so cute. It did amuse me when disney used them in the 101 dalmations film set here in Suffolk, UK where I live. We don't have raccoons in this country, and it looked quite ridiculous to us. I wish we had them though, although my daughter would probably let them all in...


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