Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tulips and Spring

Well, the tulips are in bloom. Although they are very pretty, they don't look like typical tulips. I think about planting normal looking ones every year and never do.
I've been enjoying the weather and doing more outside which will soon include lawn mowing.  I need to have a yard with no lawn and since water is quite scarce here and rationed in the summer, I should look into getting rid of the lawn and replacing it but somehow when the weather gets warm all I want to do is sit.


I got up extra early to pick up my daughter and had time to stop by the side of the road and take a picture.  The sun hadn't risen yet and as you can see there is no traffic.  I love this section of road because it looks like it goes right into the lake.

On the way back that evening I stopped to take a picture of this house sitting along the lake.  I guess they don't have any grandchildren because there is no fence around the yard and they are very high above the lake.

And of course, this is the traffic on the way home.  It was fun to take a picture while driving and have it turn out.                                                                              


  1. Did You knew that tulips are actually from Turkey? They were the favorite flowers of Suleiman I, the Magnificent.


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