Sunday, April 18, 2010

Weather Blues

We've had some unusual weather here.  Winter was non-existent and spring has been strange with many above average days in Feb and March then it got cold in April.  Unfortunately, the fruit trees are confused and they began blooming then got hit by frost.

My Magnolia tree had the same problem.   You can see by the photos where the frost turned the blossoms brown.

How is the weather affecting your region?

Here is a silly picture of my dog greeting my arrival.  (His nose isn't missing, he's licking it) and he is a part Pomeranian with the big puffy tail but he got into some burrs and we had to cut most of it off.

He's an old grouchy guy, suffering from arthritis and doesn't like the stairs but still comes to say hi.

As you can see I took a day off from painting and art.  My computer at work has a virus so I couldn't use it even to check on Zazzle and I was there for a 10hr day but we had beautiful, sunny weather so instead, I found lots of excuses to go outside and watch the birds.
Magpies, hawks, quail and starlings were everywhere and there was even a couple pairs of swallows trying desperately to find a nest building site.

I am hoping to capture a photo of the Marmots that live on my work site.  They are incredibly brave and friendly until I bring out the camera.  Why do telephoto lenses have to make so much noise when they open?

Hope you all had a great weekend and some rest too.


  1. What a shame about your magnolia! That happened to mine last year but I seem to have been lucky this year. We had a really hard winter, much better by March, but then a lot of rain and wind at the end of the month (going out like a lion!) and now a lot of sunshine and high temperatures for the time of the year. I have the feeling this may be our summer!!!

  2. The weather here in NW GA has been weird for a few years. So far April has been kind. I hate that your magnolia suffered damage. Your fur baby is cute!

  3. Thanks for your kind words on my blog.I hope you visit often.I will be checking back here as well.I look forward to seeing your world as seen through your eyes.


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