Wednesday, April 7, 2010


It seems that everyone I know owns a Yorkie.
I have painted dogs and cats in the past and hadn't thought about it for a while until I came accross an article saying that Yorkies are the most popular breed of dogs and I decided why not?

Both friends adore their dogs and will tell you how loving they are.  One of my friends lives miles away and I hadn't been to her home in years so I'd never met her little dog.
I arrived unexpectedly and very upset because of a death in the family and this little Yorkie asked to be picked up.  She snuggled and cuddled the whole visit, just like she knew I needed it.  It was amazing considering I'd never met her before.

These little cuties have been great comforters, friends and companions for both of my friends, as I'm sure they are for many people and that's why they are so popular.

Yorkies Stickers sticker
Yorkies Stickers by countrymousestudio 

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  1. very very cute. I love yorkies, they are so cute.


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