Sunday, May 23, 2010

California Quail

I went out to get the newspaper off my deck this morning and noticed the sun on the irises that had just begun to bloom.
A friend brought some of these purple ones to work one day and they filled the whole room with the scent of Grape bubblegum.  He was kind enough to share some with me.

The pink/yellow ones were left on the side of the road by someone who redid their yard and so I rescued them.

While I was outside a male California Quail (whom I suspect is nesting in my hedge) flew up on the deck.  I snapped this picture of him as he warned his mate.  He called to her and she flew off the roof and they hid until I left.  I'm not sure what that is flying past behind her.  I didn't see any other quail but we do have a little Kestrel watching the bird feeder. 

I was glad to catch a picture of these quail as I had just done up some new paintings of them.


  1. There is a yellow iris scented like lemon also.I always smell the purple to see if they are grape.The quail are quick, but usually a covey stays within a one acre area so others may be near.Nice share, is your postage stamp a design or an actual accepted proof?

  2. I'd love to smell a lemon one. The stamp is an actual accepted proof.

  3. Gee, I had no idea that any Iris had a fragrance??? Grape bubble gum...that is so funny! You sure did make those flowers look gorgeous!
    Love your little quail and I hope the kestrel doesn't decide to have one for lunch ;-)

  4. You have a wonderful way with wildlife, Carole - and I say that as someone who was never much interested in wildlife paintings previously!

  5. Lovely Irises.I had not been aware of their fragrance,but that's neat.Nice shots of the Quail as well.

  6. I love the smell of Iris blooms. You rescued one that I have never seen. What a pretty color combo. Cool captures of the Quail. Your painting on the stamp is wonderful!

  7. I have also Iris in my garden
    very lovely shot :-)
    All your photo's are beautiful !!!

    (No the white asparagus have a total different
    tast as the green ones, I wish I could invite you for diner and you can taste is self ... LOL)



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