Tuesday, May 18, 2010

European Robin

 Well I've had some time to do a little painting and remembered a cute little bird I've been wanting to paint.
For many years I didn't know there was anything but an American robin.

Country Mouse Studio
then when doing some reading about them, I came across the European Robin or English Robin.  I don't know much about them except that they are incredibly sweet looking and since I've recently had some pretty aggressive insects hanging around, thought it would make an interesting picture.  Hope you enjoy.                                      


  1. Glad you've had a chance to do some painting again! I love the little bird on the mug! I was similarly surprised to find that there is an American robin! Also suprised not to find a category for robins on GCU for Christmas cards as they're a firm favourite at Christmas here. They're very tame but they're known to be very aggressive, nothing like as cute as their image!

  2. I didn't know there was an English Robin. A very pretty bird. I love the card and would enjoy drinking from the lovely mug!

  3. Still would go with robin red breast we often saw in rhyme and stories. I have a pair eating my jelly for orioles, easy pickings for a sweet tooth.

  4. There are American Robins?! How entrenched in our own culture we all become. Half the birds I think of as English spend their winters in Africa, so I expect the Africans think of them as African birds. Its a pretty painting. English Robins are well known for being brave. If you are gardening they will appear and get closer than any other bird, practically taking insects from under your feet!

  5. Its a very lovely painted bird
    so cute its really beautiful :-)
    Yes in our country he is also flying :)))

    Have a Happy Sunday

  6. Funny ...here in America we don't pay so much attention to our Robin - but across the ocean they go crazy to see one! And we go crazy to see an English robin. The grass is always greener :-) Both of your robins are lovely!


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