Sunday, May 2, 2010

I need to inspire myself

Here is the cold, gloomy day that greeted me this morning.   Hopefully you can see the snow on the hilltops.  The wind is very chilly and I can't even inspire myself to dig my garden.

I can't seem to inspire myself to even do a painting even though I've seen some beautiful birds and animals on the blogs I follow.
So instead of doing something useful, I went into the garden with my camera.

Then I found this little Forget-me-not. 
Every year one of the local real estate agents, drop off a package of these seeds with his name and phone number to advertise his business and I unfortunately planted some.

In this climate, the Forget-me-not is a perfect name for them, since you can't get rid of them, they just spread and spread  

Similar to my raspberries, which were very tasty last summer but I was not careful in keeping them controlled and now they've taken over my whole garden.    Well, I know it's spring and the weather is usually uncertain but I hope all of us get some sun this week.


  1. It is strange,how that some plants although pretty,become a nuisance after a while.We have some like that,and have no idea how to get rid of them.Hope your week will be great.

  2. It looks beautiful at your place
    and yes I can see the snow !!!!!!!
    Unique shots :)))

    (I hope you find your pictures back !!!!)

    Anya :)

  3. Our weather seems to be following a very similar pattern - we've had a return to winter here this weekend. This morning the sun is shining again but the wind and rain have demolished the tulips and stripped off all the pear blossom. Hope you find your 'inspiration' soon!

  4. I have the same problem with Sweet Violets. They are popping up everywhere. What a beautiful picture of your area!

  5. It looks all so beautiful :))
    You have green fingers !!!
    Lovely shots ...



  7. I till circles around raspberry clumps to keep runners in line and make them easier to pick. I like to rove through them with friends and call it lunch when in season.Seems bad to weed out flowers but spreaders need control also.Put them in a vase and enjoy indoors or give to a friend.Nice shots!My favorite saying is ,"When the goings get tough, the tough go shopping!"Hit a few garden centers.

  8. Thank you for some practical advice, I will try it.


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