Monday, June 28, 2010

Incredible Sky

This has been an unusual year for weather.  In a normal spring/summer we don't see many extremes except maybe heat.  I used to be a sky/cloud watcher because where I lived the weather changed so frequently and the sky was always interesting.  Over the years of living here, I quit watching.

I was working on some pictures last night and for some reason decided to check out the sky, I was amazed at what I saw.  We've had very unstable weather so that's probably the reason but these colors were so incredible I just had to share them.

If I was a landscape painter, I'd just have to paint them but I don't think anyone would believe the colors.


  1. Amazing pictures. I enjoy watching the weather,which of course includes watching the clouds.THe colors are spectacular.

  2. Amazing! And such good photos - I particularly like the top one. (I'm sure you could make some Zazzle 'products' out of them!!!) Thank you for sharing them.

  3. These pictures are breathtakingly beautiful!!!

  4. Gorgeous photos, what a great sky.

  5. Amazing sky photographs. Thank you for sharing!!!


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