Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Need Help

On my way to my evening job, my husband spotted a bird in the parking lot.  He was unable to fly and was flopping around.  I picked him up, then thought better of it and set him in a nearby garden and went into work, telling myself that if he was still there when I came out, I'd take him home.

I was hoping he just got stunned by a car or something and would have flown away but no such luck, there he was, still looking no better. 
I'm don't know much about bird anatomy but I don't think his wing is supposed to bend in that direction and he seems to be having a hard time standing.
I've never been able to walk away from an injured bird and have so far rescued two seagulls, a sparrow, a duckling and now this one.  These things often don't end well, but I thought I'd rather take him home where he could have either a chance to recover or die peacefully.
I've tried to identify him on the internet in case he survives so I'd know how to care for him but the closest I've been able to find is maybe a juvenile blackbird?

I know that some of you are better informed about birds and so I'm hoping this picture might be enough for a guess.

Does he look like a juvenile blackbird?


  1. A young blackbird was my first thought before I even read your suggestion. I have a nest in my garden and the young ones are often on my little lawn. (The other day I thought one was injured as it was lying on the grass, tilted at such an odd angle but when I got close it flew away quite normally.)

  2. I can see blackbird family.Perhaps a cowbird that was hatched by a smaller bird. They lay eggs in other nests.Don't know if that wing will fix without being immobilized, something done by a rehab person.The flower you asked about is spicy with its scent, a draw to my planting it.

  3. Is there a bird rehab center or a vet who would treat this poor bird near you? The wing does look broken.

    I can't help you with an I.D. as I have never seen this bird. Hope someone will recognize it.

    The bird is very lucky you found him! Keep us posted on the outcome.

  4. I don't know if baby blackbirds have that white patch under the chin. I was thinking baby kingbird? But I am no expert for sure...

  5. You may be right, we have Western Kingbirds here.


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