Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Ravens and Unemployment

About a month ago, I quit my job.  They hired me for office work and after half a year or so began adding a lot of physical things.  If I were not struggling with a bad back issue, I may have continued to work there as I liked the office part but physically I couldn't and so I made the decision.   Immediately, of course I began to worry about finding another job, especially during these tough times.
Being tuned into nature and especially birds, I was pleased to read a scripture which says; " Consider the ravens, for they neither sow nor reap, which have neither storehouse nor barn; and God feeds them." so I teased my daughter and told her I was going to live like a Raven.

She thought it was a very good idea and so while at the local market she spotted this beautiful fellow.

 He is made from wood, hangs from almost invisible fishing line and he's rigged like a marionette.   When the wind blows, his wings flap like he's flying.                                                                    So in honor of my unemployment and my need to have faith things will work out.  This raven joins my other one.                                                                             

 I found this fuzzy little fellow while visiting my sister-in-law during a much needed rest a few years ago.    I hadn't seen a Raven plush toy before, have never been a collector of anything but for some reason, I just had to have him.  He's been a mascot in my studio for a few years.  The expression on his face never fails to cheer me.


  1. I must admit the plush raven is kind of cute.I hope all will go well with you.

  2. I can see why your furry raven cheers you up! He's great!

  3. I relate to having the back problems and being unemployed. Finally found a job a couple of months ago but it took 4 months and it was a little scary. My faith kept me going as yours will. Love the verse and your cool Ravens!


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