Monday, June 14, 2010

Rufous Hummingbird

My daughter and her boyfriend put up a hummingbird feeder this spring.  Their first visitor was a real treat.  They didn't know which one it was but kept telling me about this bird with the incredible glowing chest.
They said that in the sunlight, it looked like he had a  light on his chest. 
 I couldn't wait to see him myself so one evening, I went over for a visit and stayed in the yard until he arrived.

It was a beautiful Rufous Hummingbird and his mate.  He alternated between the feeder and the huge Horse Chestnut tree that was in bloom in the back yard.

 This feisty little bird with a whole lot of attitude, chased off all other hummingbirds then left as he continued his migration up north. 

I did some reading on the Internet and took a few pictures but none of the pictures came close to showing the way his little chest glows in the light so I attempted to paint him but I think I'd have to put reflective, fluorescent paint to come close.


  1. You did a fantastic job painting this little guy!

  2. I've just been given a set of 'Inktense' pencils, though I haven't got around to really trying them yet; but maybe something like that would better than fluorescent paint! You've got quite a 'glow' going there though, even so!

  3. My family loves watching hummingbirds. I just looked at your Zazzle shop and your artwork is excellent :)

  4. I believe you did a great job of showing the beauty of this little bird.

  5. The light has to be perfect to capture the glow of their throat feathers. I have a really tough time photographing them. I have never seen a Rufus in person although they will visit the SE in Winter. You did a great job painting this flying jewel!

    Hummingbird is my totem animal. I have had my eye on your Hummingbird Totem T-shirt for some time now. One day (hopefully soon) I will give myself a gift!

  6. Oh I love the hummingbird. We don't have them in England, the rain would knock them out of the sky I think!

  7. I've had similar good experiences with birds. I was equally fascinated with American Goldfinches the first time I saw one. I've only ever seen one hummingbird though, and I'm sure it wasn't the kind you describe. I only saw mine in the shadows. I've always wanted to see a hummingbird for myself. Even if you don't think it's as brilliantly colored, you still did a fine job with the painting.


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