Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Surprise Visitors

Today, on the way home from work, my family and I came across these two young deer. 

They were tasting all the flowers the neighbors recently planted.

Fortunately, we had our camera with us and we were able to catch a few shots before someone yelled and scared them into the next yard.

We've seen a number of deer in the neighborhood but  this is the first time we've seen them during daylight.

They both appear quite young and maybe mom has new ones to look after so they're on their own.   This is a safe area with no hunters and many people who love nature live here so I'm sure, they'll find their way back to the wild.  In fact, many of the neighbors were out visiting and watching just across the street from them.

It was certainly a nice surprise.


  1. I would be surprised to see deer in the daytime also. Great that you had your camera with you!

  2. Eh, city slickers? We have the bears instead crossing the street on green light.

  3. What a lovely surprise! If you haven't painted deer already, maybe this will inspire you?

  4. MMMMM try some of this daisy.They can eat you out of house and home.Look like black tailed.They are always dear to me.HA!

  5. That is so funny to see these two 'teenagers' raiding the neighborhood flower gardens! You did a great job showing us the fiasco - very cool catch!


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