Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Back to Nature

Had a chance to do some back woods camping .  We found a wonderful place with no other campers and no conveniences of course but it was so nice to spend hours in the beauty and quiet of nature.  The only sounds were chipmonks, chickadees and an annoyed squirrel and of course the whine of mosquitoes (but not too many).
 We camped at a small unnamed lake at the top of a very high mountain with no fish but the most beautiful pond lilies. 
I was able to enjoy watching tadpoles, dragonflies, butterflies and a family of little brown birds I still haven't identified.
I wasn't able to zoom in close enough to get pictures of them unfortunately.  Not many people camp here so all the wildlife were very wary of us.
We reached this spot via an old logging road as you can see from the lack of trees in the background that they had already cleared out most of the large trees and a lot of the rest were dying from the mountain pine beetle.

Sorry the picture is tilted.



  1. Camping in a spot with no one else around is my type of camping. Lovely photos of the lake. I like the tilted picture.:)
    Glad you got some quality time to enjoy nature!

  2. Beautiful photos, Carole, and I'm glad you had the chance of such a peaceful break!

  3. Having no other campers around is the kind of thing I like best. You picked a beautiful spot.

  4. What a beautiful spot! (Even with the mosquitos). Thought - for editing even tilted photos look up a free program (donation requested) called Faststone Image Viewer. It's much more than a viewer - being an easy to use and very complete editing tool. (Guess what I use all the time). Grin. ATB!

  5. Beautiful scenes.The solitude must be intoxicating.

  6. Wondered if you were in the boat with the slanted feature. Nice find to be by yourself, wish you had found a few fish. I have a fish poem in my latest, but go when I can get someone to join me.


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