Saturday, July 3, 2010

Ellison Park

This is the official description of Ellison Park

Nestled on the northeastern shore of Okanagan Lake, Ellison Provincial Park includes 200 hectares of forested benchlands above a shoreline of scenic headlands and sheltered coves.

This is the entrance. It's quite steep and it was threatening rain so even though the campground was full, I was all alone and loving it.

This was the largest funnel type spider web I'd ever seen. The opening was larger than the  palm of my hand so I didn't wait around for the resident to appear.
A few weeks earlier my daughter found a Hobo spider in her bedroom so now I'm avoiding any places that might house them.

One of the benefits of hiking in this park is the Saskatoon (also known as Serviceberry). I love them and always help myself but usually the chipmunks remind me to leave some for them, although today, I didn't see any of the little guys. Perhaps the campground was full and the campers were providing enough treats to keep them busy.

 Just past the berries is a stiff climb with a beautiful view.
The paths are quite steep with no handrails so I have to not look down at this one spot because the drop off on right side goes straight down into the valley with loose gravel to help you get there.

Once you're past the scary part you get to the top with the awesome view.  

                Well, that's enough for today, maybe now that I've had a good day in nature, I'll be able to get back to painting. 


  1. Breathtaking views and wonderful post.Sounds like you are having a great weekend.

  2. Thanks for taking me along on this walk.The scenery and the company was lovely.

  3. What an awesome park! I could spend days and weeks exploring and shooting pictures there.

    Craig Glenn

  4. What a lot of wonderful textures in the trees and their bark! That second from the bottom photo would make a lovely landscape painting too! Thank you for the trip - I've been glued to the laptop so it's nice to get a bit of 'fresh air' courtesy of your blog!

  5. Your welcome to use it for any painting you want as is anyone else who may want it. I'm not a landscape painter at all.

  6. This looks like such a gorgeous place to hike - but I'm with you about the paths....gee...somehow that gives new meaning to the words 'sure footed'! The spider web was very cool! And I never thought to eat a serviceberry - duh! I am going to try one and see why the birds and animals like then so much ;-)


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