Tuesday, July 6, 2010

What are they?

Just finished checking out my photos from Ellison Park.  At the bottom of the valley was an incredible scent.   The whole lower part was filled with these beautiful shrubs covered in white blossoms.
I had an ornamental orange tree as a house plant once and it smelled similar so I was wondering if these might be mock orange?

Then I came across this tree with what looked like someone had painted the leaves.   It probably is some sort of fungus but how beautiful it was.                                  


  1. Looks like a Mock Orange to me.Those red tips look interesting.Hope you are having a great week.

  2. Nice shots, some shrubs can get into the wild. We have a problem with honeysuckle.

  3. Definitely some kind of mock orange - it looks a bit like the one that was in my garden when I moved here. Much small flowers than the one I brought from Hereford and it flowers a bit later too. It's a pity some of the fungi/moulds have the prettiest colours! I had some apple puree went off in my fridge and it was a gorgeous bright pink!!


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