Sunday, July 4, 2010

Yeah! California Quail Chicks

Every year we see the male and female California Quail then we never seem to see any babies.  I know there are large numbers of cats loose in the neighborhood so I assumed they got most of them.

I have been throwing bird feed on the ground for the Mourning Doves and Redwing blackbirds.  My last few bags were a cheaper brand with more corn and I noticed the quail coming around twice a day to check it out too.

Yesterday afternoon, my son heard the familiar call of the quail and we always check for cats but he spotted this family dashing across the yard.  Father Quail was ever watchful while the babies (may be difficult to see) scattered.
In most of the pictures that he took, they were just a blur but he did manage to capture one fairly good one, especially considering it was through the window.

These little ones are approximately 3-4 inches tall  so they must be several weeks old.  I'm glad to see so many survived.


  1. How wonderful to see them so close up!

  2. Wow,these guys are cute.With that many you may be going through a lot of feed. :)

  3. Fun shot, a covey will stay within a small area so I hope you see them more.

  4. I have never seen this interesting bird. The babes are adorable. Nice photos!

  5. your son did a great job. Wonderful photos

  6. Oh I want a quail baby! please ship one over, they are so cute!

  7. That's a lot of little ones to be watching! they are so funny - wish I could see some of those around here!


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