Tuesday, August 24, 2010

August Heat

Very hot and dry here, which is typical for this area.  It always amazes me how plants survive the summers, especially when they are not native to the area.
We've given up on a lawn, those who built this place didn't put in underground sprinklers and from past years we've learned that there is no way to keep up with it, so this year we've decided to quit pretending it's not a desert and just let everything either survive or not.
They tell us the lawn will recover but it's not looking too healthy.   If I had the energy I would remove it and put in all native plants with no lawn, just some walkways and sitting areas.

The only plant which not only survived two months without water but is blooming, is my wonderful Brown Eyed Susan.

This tumbleweed along the roadway is dry and crispy waiting for a good wind to break it off.  It's amazing to watch when the wind blows and they start to roll and pile up along anything that stops them. 

I understand there are a few plants that do that and this one is either a Diffuse or Spotted Knapweed.  It's very picky and spiky.  Not fun to step on or rub your leg on when wearing shorts and sandals.  Another weed which is annoying because it's burr- like (if that's a word) is this one.   I haven't been able to find out what it is yet.  It's quite a pretty flower but sticky like glue.   

Over the years, I have adjusted to the hot conditions but whenever I find a public park that has been irrigated and is green and lovely, I take a deep breath.  The air feels softer (the humidity?) and somehow not so tight.
And to end on a happier note, Okanagan lake is still pretty even with the heat. 



  1. Love that last picture.We don't water our lawns,if they want to grow,great,if not,that is so much less work.

  2. I have the same mind frame as you. If my flowers/plants can't take the heat and lack of rain, then I will not re-plant them again. Native plants are the way to go now days and I try to add a few new each year.
    Love the Black-eyed Susans and the view of Okanagan Lake. Can't help you with the pretty mystery flower.

  3. Beautiful pics and nice post. I would like to be on that lake this morning.

  4. For as hot as it has been here this summer amazingly the lawn didn't get burnt out like usual. I love black eyed susans, one of my favorite flowers.

  5. Loved that lake shot..just gorgeous!

  6. These are lovely photos. Anyhow I guess I could endure these plants rubbing my legs but not the air blown dried flowers. It could trigger my allergies. :)

    I like the photo of the lake, the best!:)

  7. The idea of putting in native plants and eliminate the lawn is a good one and makes perfect sense. I have been in the process of doing it for several years but got a lot to go. The landscape job out from last summer took half of the front for $2200.00. I decided then that I would do the rest and killed all the grass between the sidewalk and curb. I will plant native wildflowers there. Out back, we have slowly added plants and many of them I have propagated myself -- especially bushes.

    The wildlife appreciates it and since I am no longer able to mow lawns etc., and am on oxygen, my wife has had to mow the lawn. She likes to do it but it is a waste of time, energy and fouls the atmosphere and contributes to global pollution. Plus, the insecticides and fertilizers some people use destroys the microbes in the soil. Which is what is wrong with the produce we buy at the grocery store.

  8. I love your photos!

    Thanks so much for your kind remarks on my blog. Your support means so much!

  9. I think that is the first time I have ever seen a tumbleweed that was still attached. I always wondered what they might look like.

  10. Carole,

    The title reminds me of a romance novel--I like it.

    It is really hot on Guam too...

    As always, your photos are fantastic! I love the Brown Eyed Susans! They remind me of sunflowers.

    Ren ^^

  11. A most interesting blog! I have thoroughly enjoyed looking through it, your art is wonderful, the painting of the Bald Eagle is really beautiful!

    I also enjoyed the 'Birds on the Wires' music and the interesting post about introverts and extroverts, I think it is obvious from my blog name which one I am :)

    As for the garden, this is the first year I gave up entirely on watering and left the garden to its own devices. I know from experience that however much the grass is deprived of water it always recovers eventually!

  12. Very interesting to read everything that you that you have written. Fantastic photos and I too would love the park and the lake taking in a deep breath and all the sights.


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