Saturday, August 7, 2010

Beautiful and Deadly?

There is a plant on my deck that I hope I've correctly identified as Climbing Nightshade.  It's really pretty especially when loaded with red berries.

The flowers are purple and look like tomato or potato flowers.

Since I don't have small children in my yard I never bothered checking up to see how deadly it might be until this year.
Turns out that even the Canadian Government doesn't really know.  One article says only the green unripe berries may cause stomach problems.  That it has caused problems for cattle, sheep and mice and may have killed a child who was picking blackberries in an area where these were growing.                                                                 

And on a more humorous note this is my son who asked me what I was doing and didn't want his picture taken.

And (for you Judy) Judy's cat
here's my cat, who thinks I should have contacted his agent before I took his picture.


  1. I have only heard of Nightshade never seen one. Your picture it to be a very pretty plant. Like the red berries.
    Love the photos of your son and your cat who has an agent.:-D)

  2. Solanacea is a very large family. People were leary of eating tomatoes when 1st introduced because of the family background.The deadly variety, antropa belladonna, has deep purple berries and a larger bloom. It is grown for pharmaceutical uses. The close varieties are hated by soybean farmers since the berries stain when harvested with their beans. Yours is a interesting plant, I have seen it all over.Does anything eat it, probably not since it is very bitter, try a tomatoe leaf.YUCK You must have woke that cat up for a pic.And yes our lakes and rivers have been too full, we have been under a flood alert all summer.thanks for the concern and great comments always.Steve

  3. The Berries are beautiful too look at and we would be surpised what in nature would harm some of us. You cat is beautiful. Im getting some kittens soon for my barn and really cant wait . I do have one cat in my home named Paris.

    Kids will do what it takes not to ge another photo of them taken. Too funny. Have a wondeful day.

  4. That is a very pretty little cat, Carole! Looks very similar to the one we had called Pickle, bossy sister of Pumpkin. Cats do manage to speak volumes with their expressions, don't they - I could watch them for hours (if I had the time!)


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