Monday, August 30, 2010

Near misses

Yesterday was one of those unsettled weather days with beautiful cloud formations and light/shadow.  I had an errand which took me past some beautiful scenery - and there I was with no camera.
This morning as I'm having coffee, for the first time ever I saw a family of Mourning Doves and there I was with no camera again so even though I had an appointment I had to go find some nature. 

Since it seems to be the year for Magpies, they were the first thing that caught my eye and they stopped me long enough to convince me to park and take some photos of the valley.     Although most of it is crispy and dry from the summer heat, the orchards and vineyards are irrigated and green.

                                                     I am really hoping to get to the lake tomorrow and hoping the sun will shine for pictures.  Wish me luck!


  1. Isn't that the way it always goes. You see something wonderful and don't have your camera. Always works that way for me. You got some really nice shots though, just lovely even if there are a lot of crispy and dry parts

  2. THese pictures are gorgeous.I like to see those scenics,showing the countryside.

  3. Great photos!

    It really must have been very hot summer in your place. The greens are now browns. We had intense heat too around March and April this year. Not sure though if in some areas the meadows look like same as yours.

    Thanks for your blog visit and comment. Appreciate it much. ;)

  4. The magpies are very unique. I like the valley shots as well. Hope you make it to the lake.Nice to always hear from you.

  5. The pictures of the valley are great. Better luck next time with your camera. I always feel bad when I see something good and don't have my camera. But then I tell myself that there will be another day and another chance.

  6. Thank you for your visit to my Birds Blog.

    I wish I could send some of the mourning doves out your way. They are here all the time and in good numbers. Almost as thick as sparrows.

    It is a nice set of photographs you posted about the Pennsylvania Mine. I seem to remember something was on television about old lost mines and how they are somehow damaging the ground water in some states where they were once worked.

  7. I am just flabbergasted at how similar your scenery is to ours here in this part of Wales! If I hadn't known otherwise, I'd have thought your photos were of the countryside between here and Brecon! We even have a little vineyard on the slopes of Sugarloaf! Lovely pics, Carole!

  8. Beauitful and I can clearly see how dry its been . We were like that last year. We didnt have any hay because of the drought.


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