Saturday, September 4, 2010

Kalamalka Lake - Wood Lake - Okanagan BC

Wood Lake - Kalamalka Lake
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20 minutes from Vernon, BC is a town called Oyama.  
At this point, Kalamalka Lake ends and Wood Lake starts.  They are connected by a small channel which you can boat through.
On the left hand side is Wood Lake and on the right is Kalamalka Lake.

Kalamalka lake is named for the Okanagan (Okanogan  U.S. spelling) Indian chief who occupied its northern shores, although many believe (incorrectly) that it means (lake of) many colours in the Okanagan language.
Kaloya Regional Park is that treed peninsula

At different times of the year the colour of the lake can range from cyan to indigo, in different spots at the same time. The colour of the water is derived from light scattering, caused by the precipitation of calcite (CaCO3).

The higher up the mountain overlooking Oyama you go, the better view you can get.

Looking south towards Kelowna
This is one of the peaceful little bays at Kaloya Regional Park in Oyama.  





  1. This is such a beautiful area.Thanks for allowing me to travel there via your blog.

  2. What gorgeous scenery. Love the shots.

  3. I went over these 3 times, really a Steve kind of place to hang out.Nice post Carole.

  4. This area is absolutely gorgeous. Maybe one day I will be able to visit. Your pictures are superb!

  5. I used to live in Kelowna til the age of 14,we would pass by these lakes on our travels to and from... beautiful photos you've displayed!

  6. How very very beautiful. I love the trees. You capture Canada so wonderfully.

  7. Great photos! I could picture out the movements of the water as I look at the photos. :)

    By the way... Thank you my friend. I felt so BLESSED! The whole wide world is praying to me and my family. I posted the articles about my mother in my blog. To let everyone knew why there was lull in my blogging activities. Some of my friends were worried about my long absence.

  8. great shots! you live in beautiful part of the world. all the best! keep shooting!
    nikonsniper steve from houston today


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