Monday, October 4, 2010

Adam's River World's Largest Sockeye Salmon Run

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In my last post I wrote about Kokanee Salmon.  Forgive me for not giving you more information about it.  The Kokanee is a completely landlocked Salmon.  Many of them are raised in our schools and hatcheries then taken out and released where they live in the lakes.  In the fall, they return to the little creeks.

This next batch of photos comes from the Adams River about 1 1/2 hours north of where I live.  Here is a link to the Adam's River Salmon Society     This is the Sockeye Salmon run and apparently it's the largest one in the world and the biggest here in 100 years.   These Salmon travel over 500 miles upstream to lay their eggs here where they were born. 


Biologists are studying them to see if they can figure out what is causing the numbers to be so high this year
Unfortunately, after spawning they end up like this all along the shores.
But they become food for bears, wolves, eagles, ravens, crows, seagulls etc.
Here is a link to the National Geographic's article on them.


  1. What a life! They have to give up theirs to let the young ones live…

    Great photos!

  2. I am fascinated by the lives of the Sockeye Salmon. Thanks for the information and the links. Will you be attending the Adams River upcoming event?

  3. Fascinating! This post and the last showed something I have never witnessed myself. Great photos too. Such a shame to see the dead ones but as you say they do provide a meal for other creatures.

  4. Very beautiful photos, nice to see an increase in population. I would love to fish for these.I shot the train photo from a bridge. The coal trains come through everyday, and I imagine return at night.I hear them in the evening, the sound carries more.They share track with Amtrak.

  5. Jolly Princess - I agree
    Jean - We just went yesterday, apparently they have been getting 3000 visitors a day, even National Geographic have been by. I was sorry I didn't get a photo of the crowds. When we left I felt like I'd been to Disneyland.
    ShySongbird - glad to share, it was something to awesome not to.

  6. This (again) is amazing!
    It must be quite the sight!
    What a life they lead....:) (the salmon i mean:)

  7. Hi Carole - I've just been watching your salmon run on BBC Newsnight! There was a ten-minute film about it, followed by a discussion about how the scientists could have got it so wrong and the implications of basing fishing quotas on scientific information. But I kept thinking that your photos were as good, if not better than what was shown on TV!

  8. That is so cool, thank you so much for your comments!


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