Sunday, September 25, 2011

A Kid's View of Birds

When my daughter was 5 or 6 years old we lived in an area where Junco's would
come by the bird feeder.

Somehow, she couldn't remember their name but always called them
the Executioner bird because she though their black hood looked
like the one they wore.
This image comes from Arthur's Occupation Clip Art

I do recall trying to figure out where she learned what an executioner looked like. I couldn't remember any kids books or tv shows that had them but she apparently had seen one and it stuck in her mind.

So here is an Executioner Bird or a Junco


  1. What a charmer, I love the pose you used. I enjoy them over the winter here, they stay in a group while feeding.

  2. Pretty picture! I used to love feeding the birds, but now that I live at the edge of the woods, it would nearly bankrupt me!

  3. It's kind of like the old saying I learned years ago. You can call me anything you want so long as it's not "late to dinner" :)
    Love your Junco a.k.a. executioner bird

  4. What a lovely little bird, far too cute to be an Exectutioner! And you've succeeded in making it look soft and feathery - as usual!

  5. I love your art work. That baby Junco is so cute! I see a lot of them in the winter here but have never seen a baby. Cute little story too. Ha!

  6. Children come out with some amazing things and we never forget them, do we?

    A lovely very cute.
    Each time I see a Junco on other blogs I shall think of your daughter.......

  7. I think it is one of the cutes little birds i have ever seen!!!

    Thank you for your prayers!


  8. That is a sweet little Junco. One of my favorite birds. I like your daughters take on what she "saw":D

  9. That beautiful little bird doesn't look like any
    Executioner. But children have a great imagination. Happy week-end. Raining here and getting colder. It's a cool 52.

  10. too funny! i do love the dark-eyed juncos we get here too. :)

  11. That is just too funny.

  12. Carole, I never thought about the junco's head feathers the way your daughter described, but it does seem to fit given their coloration. Fortunately, it's not true for this little bird which visits our feeders quite regularly.


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