Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Autumn Chickadees & Owls

Thanks to Jean at http://jean-livingsimple.blogspot.com/ I have been enjoying the contest https://apps.facebook.com/birdingthenet/ to find birds. It's great fun but not too conducive to getting work done.

We've finally had enough cold weather to turn the leaves in some areas and I still haven't had any luck getting out to view nature so I have no photos just some Autumn art:


  1. You are an amazing artist and thanks for your warm comments. I'm so happy that you liked my blog and decided to follow me. Have a great day.

  2. Those are wonderful. I read one of Jeans comments on another blog regarding the facebook thing. I think she's trying to get all of you hooked...lol

  3. Your critters always look so real!

  4. What lovely bird paintings - Chickadee, how unusual. At least it may be everyday to you, but being in the UK all your animals look so exotic to me!

  5. I have had a pair of chickadees coming in to a feeder next to my patio all summer.Lovely paintings

  6. really cute! love the sweet little chickadee!

  7. Hi Carole - I thought I'd posted yesterday to say how lovely your little chicadees are, in large part because you've shown them up so beautifully against the coloured leaves!

    I too am encouraged by Jean's blog and this week went out in the rain to put a hook on the side of my little shed that I can see when I'm working, to hang up a block of different kinds of birdseeds in a net. But so far no interest :(

  8. Your paintings are beautiful Carol,
    they are so clear and the colours are gorgeous.

    We don't have chickadees here so it is lovely for me to see them in your art.

    You are very talented.

    Well done to you.

    Have a good weekend.

    x Fiona

  9. These are absolutely amazing! The owl with the fall colors in the background is so pretty!


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