Saturday, January 7, 2012

Saving money on Bird Seed.

When I first put out the chick scratch instead of bird seed, the Mourning Doves were impressed.  They called their friends and relatives to the feast.
I had no idea there were so many in the neighborhood.

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Posted by Picasa

This was only half of them.  The other half were down eating. 
I may not be saving money after all.


  1. Back when I was feeding the birds, the only way I could cut costs was to settle on a certain amount of seed each day and not replentish it once they ate it all.

  2. Gorges - I do it too, they get 1 bag a month.

  3. "Country Mouse Studio" has been included in this weeks A Sunday Drive. I hope this helps to attract even more new visitors here.

  4. it can get really expensive trying to keep all the birds fed. We were going through a ton of seed but then did what Gorges Smythe did.
    I love listening to those mourning doves

  5. Carole, I haven't yet found a local source for chicken scratch, but it sure sounds like a less costly way to fill the feeders which always attract several mourning doves. They usually sit in the middle of the flat feeder. Thanks for the update

  6. Love that print on the shirt best.I have fun calling out to the doves and getting a response some.

  7. Hello, it maybe a bit late. Let me greet you a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  8. I don't think there is any way to save money on bird or squirrel feed. Once you start it seems it's a never ending job. Thanks for your visits.

  9. It's amazing how they tell all the others where to come. I get about ten down here at a time. I buy six 20lb. bags of bird chow each month. It feeds all the animals out there. There are big nuts and little nuts and lots of seeds in the bag. Even the fox eats the nuts from these bags. I have cut down and wish I could cut further but I have too many animals out there..Ha! And I love them all and love taking their pictures. I love the shirts with the dove on them. Take care! And thanks for all your comments on my blog!! I appreciate every one!

  10. Thank you Jerry for your feature and for the two hours I've just spent reading your wonderful writings at Fishhawk Droppings.

    Ann - yes they have a very soothing call

    Beatrice - I think it's only good for the ground feeding birds like sparrows and doves so maybe that's best.

    Out on the Prairie - thanks and I'll have to try calling them

    Jolly Princess - I wondered where you went, Happy New Year to you too. I'll stop by again

    Patty - I agree they just keep multiplying don't they

    Ginnymo - Oh my they go through a lot don't they but you get such wonderful photos. We could have much worse hobbies to spend our money on

  11. Mourning Doves hog a couple of my feeders. They eat more than any other songbird.

    Hey,I like that shirt!

    BTW...Since starting the Atkins Diet my energy level has increased immensely. It is wonderful to wake-up feeling good and it last though-out the day.

  12. I like mourning doves. I see them around here sometimes, but I haven't gotten good pictures of them. I really need to start feeding the birds to get them a little closer.

  13. ha ha! our blackbirds and grackles swoop in and get all the chicken scratch before the ducks or anyone else can get it. :)

    your dove is lovely!

  14. The birds don't seem to be as interested in the food I put out for them this year as they've been in the past. But then I noticed at the weekend that a cat had left a mess in my lawn so maybe they're being kept away by someone's cat. Or maybe it's just that the winter has been so mild so far that there are still plenty of other foods for them to eat? Whatever it is, I do miss them so I enjoy reading about other people's 'visitors'!

  15. I'm a newie to your blog today but have had a lovely time reading through some of your posts. I especially liked the Grandma and Santa story.

    I love birds, wildlife, art, painting, reading, plants, and nature. I've been to Canada quite a few times too and have had some fabulous times there.
    I've been an expat for 22 years and am currently living in Melbourne, Australia.

    I'm away now to read some more....
    Have a great day ;D

  16. Such a beautiful bird and as always your artwork does them justice.

    Sadly, they are in serious decline in the UK.......

  17. Jean. I agree but there's still less of them than the quail who stay until the feeders empty :O(
    Ratty - don't or you'll feel responsible forever
    TesWisGirl - I can only imagine how much a flock of blackbirds or grackles would eat.
    Judy - we can always tell when the neighbors cat is around because they refuse to come eat so you're probably right.
    Nessie - Nice to meet you and read your interesting blog too
    Cheryl - Thank you, I hear birds are declining all around the world now.
    Patty - Yes, we're finally getting winter here too

  18. I had to check the comments kamagra first to see if it was okay for me to look. Glad I did, it was too cute!


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