Monday, October 6, 2014

Newest Family Member

We used to have a Pomeranian/ Chihuahua mix dog.  He was a little grumpy and snappy so we decided that the next dog we got would be a big friendly one.

I didn't expect my son to take on the project of finding the perfect dog.   He researched, saved and monitored the classifieds until one day he told me he'd found a great deal on a dog and it was exactly the one he wanted... a Great Dane.

I believe I was in denial but I went along.  After all, I'd promised him a big dog for the next one.  He mapped out the way to the breeders house and we arrived.  The owners had both mom and dad there for us to meet along with 8 pups.  Having never seen a Great Dane I was speechless.  The very friendly dad came up to my chest.  His nose could touch my chin as he looked at me.  I gingerly pet him and he leaned on me knocking me into the fence.  Apparently leaning is one of their traits.

We sat amid the pups and one kept coming by so he became the one we chose.  Originally my son had intended on getting the typical blonde color and had picked out the name Whiskey because of the color but none of the blonde ones came near us.   So Whiskey is his name but he's a reverse brindle color.
Spring puppy chasing bugs
Long legged teenager by fall
And now he's all grown up!

He loves to sit on your knee.  Somehow he has no idea how big he is and still wants to be on your lap. 


  1. He's a handsome big boy. I was the opposite. I always had bigger dogs and then after my chocolate labs I went smaller

  2. Oh my, now that's one big dog. I could never handle one that size. He's a handsome fella though, hope all of your family is happy with him. Thanks for your visit. Seems I don't get around to blogs much anymore, I am on Facebook though. Well back to drinking more of the lovely drink. It's all ready starting to work. LOL They do it in two parts now, drink about half of the gallon container in about a 2 hour time frame, then get up early the next morning and finish it, about five hours before you go for the procedure. Personally I would think that could cause some serious accidents. LOL

  3. Great loving dog.. Oh, boy the weight is enormous too. I am glad you are back to blogging. :)

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