Friday, January 22, 2010


I doubt if it's possible to see an otter up close and not fall in love with them. What other wild animal has so much joy in playing.

Nature programs on television always show the ones wrapped up in seaweed lying on their backs cracking oysters on their bellies with a rock. A quick look through Google images will reveal incredible photos,their faces are so expressive.

We lived near a river that had otters but unfortunately, I was never able to catch them at play. I could only find the mudslides they made all along the banks. Anywhere there was a bit of a stream pouring into the river, they would slip down it until they had created quite a well shaped muddy slide. I'd find little footprints and could imagine the fun they'd had but I'm not sure what time of day or night they came so our paths never crossed.

This little fellow I drew seemed to have that curious look on his face that typifies the species.

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  1. I just had a look at the Wildlife and Nature of Area - what a fantastic variety of wildlife to inspire you! I'm very envious!


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