Saturday, December 4, 2010

Hungry Birds, Bad Photos & Frustration

Hungry Birds

We recently went through a cold, snowy spell where the birds were hungrier and more tolerant of my camera.  As I've mentioned before, I gave up using bird feeders, since the neighborhood cats were catching too many birds and instead I've been throwing the seed on the ground in a wide open area with no hiding spots.
This means I only get ground feeders and most of them are sparrows and brown, but that's okay, they're cheerful.  The other daily visitor is a family of Magpies.
magpies photocard
bad photo of sparrows taken through frosty window.

I have watched this Magpie family over the last 3 years and noticed that most have remained in the area and still seem to spend time within their family.
They came down to feed in groups of three or less at one time, but there is 6 or 8 of them, in the family.
Each morning they stop by and if there is no food, they will sit on my roof and chatter.
Because it was so cold out I felt sorry for them and gave them dog food and a few pumpkin, sunflower and oatmeal muffins.


As you can see the photos are bad, first they were taken through a frosty window and second I could only get some of them to upload properly.

 I had to put them on Picasa Web Albums in order for blogger to take them, then they would only take two out of the whole album.

Has anyone else had problems uploading photos to blogger?


  1. Yes! Just yesterday I probably spend 1/2 hr trying to load 5 photos for one post! I feel your pain!

    Those magpies are wonderful! I've never seen them in real life (and would love to!) Thanks for sharing - even if the photos are a bit "frosty"! :)

  2. Hi Carole - I'm sorry I don't know what's happening with your photo of the three magpies! It seems to be enormous and repeating itself over and over! But when I clicked on one of them, it opened it in another window where I could see it properly - and it isn't at all a bad photo compared to the bird photos I'm intending to post on my blog next week!!!

  3. Carole, The first picture didn't post for me but the others did! Magpies are such beautiful birds! We don't see them here in the SE,USA.
    Posting can be frustrating.:(

  4. Very strange. The complete photos are there - and not bad at all.

    I just upload from the 'new post' in the DASHBOARD - click on the photo icon and Bob's your uncle.

    Even stranger is the ornaments were OK. Were the bird photos too large by chance? ATB!

  5. I haven't had any problems uploading pictures with blogger lately. I always edit and resize mine in photoshop elements before I upload them though so that they are a smaller file.
    The picture of the sparrows reminds me of a scene in my front yard. I have to take all my bird pictures through the window too.

  6. I notice the entire blog entry took quite a while to load. If you're loading full-size, full-resolution photos, Blogger can often bog down. Try reducing the size of the photos - Picasa makes it relatively simple, as do most other photo editors.

    Beyond better performance - smaller files load faster - it'll also make better use of the 1Gb of space that Google/Blogger provides for photo storage.

  7. Delete the post and upload again.

  8. These are so cute! My husband hangs out our third-story window to attach seed balls to a feeder so I can observe the birds as I work... good grief. And you have to wonder if him risking his neck is really worth it! :D

  9. No problem with the photos. Your intention to help those hungry birds is the most important. I have problem uploading photos in my blog too. I even had to restart my computer just so the process would be faster. I guess the website is having system enhancement.

  10. I find blogger unpredictable. What is good one day, is bad the next. I do hope you sort the problems out.

    I have a pair of Magpies that stay with me all year. They seem to drive their young away during the autumn months. I am pleased that they do this. Magpies take eggs and fledglings from the nest of song thrush....a bird that is in decline here.

  11. Not sure what has happened there Carole but it certainly got in a pickle :) There seem to be lots of the same photo but only the edge part and huge, but clicked on they are fine! in my experience though blogger can be very temperamental.

    We have had very severe weather here in the UK with some parts experiencing 18 inches of snow!

  12. Frustrating.
    I usually just re-do the entire post over.
    I do like your sparrow group:)

    And the ornament is adorable:)
    Thanks for sharing...even through the frustration;)

  13. I place all photos into My Picture fules and download easy. Recently I had a few that glitched for the 1st time.Love the magpies, I have some bullet proof feeders and enjoy sitting in a chair getting pics.

  14. I tend to use 1000 pixel max dimension size for uploading onto blogger. Although I have given up trying to wrap the text or do anything fancy in blogger, it just won't work.

    We have similar weather here, I hate it, I was obviously meant to be African, just born into the wrong climate. We have had the earliest snow in England for 20 years. Well done for feeding the birds!

  15. I'm using Blogger with few problems. I do resize all my photos to 1024 x ___ pixels first. and I long ago filled my Picasa/Blogger free space and bought more. Just before I reached my limit, I started to have problems uploading. Once I'd got more space, things were fine.

    Recently, Blogger has not wanted to load more than 5 or 6 photos at a time. So I break up large batches, do it in two rounds. I think that's bandwidth limitations.

    The problem with this post, for me on my browser (Chrome) is that the one photo is repeated, but didn't resize to the width of the column, so I get the narrow strip off the left side. When I open it in a new tab, it's fine. But each one is repeated, because you loaded them to Picasa, then Blogger picked up the original you loaded, and posted both.

    Try checking your html, and cutting out the duplicates.

  16. Those black and white birds are so lovely.

    Feral cats kill millions of song birds each year. It is amazing that cats do not have to have a license like dogs here in Ohio where we live. Our city did catch the feral cats and then spent $30.00 each to have them neutered and then the next day released them.

  17. Hello from a snowy UK. I have stumbled across this beautiful blog and have added myself as your latest follower. We have a pair of magpies and crows which we feed all year round. They are very clever birds. As Michele said there has been some unusual weather here this year. I'm not sure what happened to these photos on this post being pretty rubbish at taking photos myself.Please do drop by my blog and maybe follow if you would like.
    Warmest wishes.
    Carol from

  18. Hello again,
    I dropped back to say thank you so much for the very kind comment - my head has now swollen to huge proportions - and for following. It sounds as if we are in similar positions. My Hubby is around my feet, oh sorry,I mean retired and Son has just flown away from the nest. Looking forward to many happy blogging moments and making new friends.
    Thank you again.

  19. I like the pictures. I don't think I have ever seen a magpie before. I've had several problems with uploading pictures to Blogger over the years, and they are almost always temporary. I just keep trying until things work.


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