Sunday, August 28, 2011

Greeting Card Contest

Here's a contest for you.

I drew this rabbit quite a while ago and he sits on my desk mocking me
because I can't think of a quote, caption or a card idea to go with him.

The greeting cards that sell the best for me are ones with humor
but when I look at him, although I smile, nothing comes to mind.

Any ideas?

I'll collect them until September 9th then the winner will get credited and one of the greeting cards that I make out of it.


  1. What a lovely image. Rabbits haunt me, they live alongside me and eat a lot of my plants.
    I looked at her for ages and could not think of anything. If I do I will pop back :)

  2. I've written and deleted a number of captions already! But all of them sound so corny. I will keep thinking for you! xoxo

  3. Carole, it's not that this bunny isn't well done or a handsome fellow too, but I'm with you, nothing funny comes to mind. But I'll keep thinking about it this week.

  4. Happiness is taking time to observe the world around us and to realize the treasures we have within reach.

    Hop on over for a grand time!

    What do you mean the farmer found my jacket?

    Love can be so gentle.........

  5. "Looking to hear from you."
    "Surprise" (on the front) "You're getting a note from me" (on the inside)
    "How's your day going"

  6. Patty & Out on the prairie - those are great, I love them.
    Beatrice P. Boyd, Allison & Cheryl - I'm so glad it's not just me struggling.

  7. Eat your veggies. It helps keep that backside slim & trim.

    Carrot cake anyone?

  8. that is such an adorable bunny and I'm so bad at coming up with stuff like this.
    All I can think of is somebunny's thinking of you

  9. Ann - I never thought of somebunny so you're doing better than I
    tagnrocky - love it and carrot cake too

  10. I'm sometimes good at giving quotes, but not this time. It's a good picture though.

  11. Hahaha....I love the carrot cake:D
    (And I'm no good with things like this....but cannot wait to see what works:)

  12. Lovely drawing, but I'm struggling to think of a caption. How about:

    Thumper finally realised he was lost in the mist...


    "Is this snow" wondered Thumper?

  13. Your bunny is cute and coy. Hmmm...:

    I'm not really a Playboy Bunny...but (could) play one on TV.


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