Sunday, March 11, 2012

March Blahs

Much to my delight looking up the word blah on Google brought me these definitions:
- nonsense, malaise and as an adjective - insipid, dull and uninteresting.

That pretty much sums up this month so far.  It's too late to enjoy winter and too early to enjoy spring.  We need a mid season term.

That mood led me to do this poster.  I need one on my bedroom wall as the first thing I see in the morning:

Cute Bird Saying Hi, Hello, Funny Animal print

and maybe one to take with me when I go out

Cute Bird Saying Smile, Funny Animal necklace

But I'm thinking what I really need to do is Motivate and Encourage myself with this one.

Count Your Blessings, Cute Bird with Silly Look mousepad

So I hope you are not suffering the March Blahs too!


  1. Love it, that one just makes you want to smile

  2. I think the March blahs hit me about Feb. 28th. LOL I know we'll both be snapping out of it soon, at least I hope so, since I hate this feeling.

  3. I certainly sympathise with feeling it's too early for winter to be over. Hardly noticed it here. Maybe I'll regret the disappointment if we suddenly hit a hard spell - but I'm sitting in front of an open window (no heating on) and it's pleasantly warm even though it's dark. Doesn't seem quite right for March!

  4. He is magnificent! I love the jaunty way he's holding his head and looks to be summing things up with close scrutiny. Brilliant!

    At least you're on your way to spring...we're on our way to autumn and I'm not too sure I'm ready :(
    Have a good week ;D

    1. yes, now that's something to feel blah about

  5. The poor thing DOES look sort of monday-ish!

  6. We have lovely warm, sunny weather here and Wales are on course to win the Six Nations rugby so, just at the moment, I'm not suffering from the March Blahs too badly. I love your posters though.You get such wonderful expressions on your critters!

  7. Don't have the time to get bored. I stay real busy and can't believe how fast our months slip away.I used to start a lot of garden plants indoors to help keep it away.

  8. I love this quizzical raptor...made me smile!

  9. Carole, is it March already! Drat, I must have been too busy to see the calendar :-)

  10. Count your blessings to me is a powerful word. Whenever I do not feel good it keeps me going. :)

  11. I love the head tilt! Today is 70 degrees in Michigan =- an exceptionally beautiful day. Time to banish the blahs! :-)

  12. Hi there,

    hope all is well
    haven't heard from you in a while

    Take care.


  13. Hi Carole, it's been so long since you posted and sorry for not commenting earlier as I have been checking your blog regularly. Hope you are doing OK and just blogged out for a bit.

  14. Great idea to make a necklace. Great art, as always. xo

  15. "Country Mouse Studio" has been included in an edition of Thinking of Christmas Gifts in July for 2012. I hope this helps to point many new visitors (not to mention customers!) in your direction.

  16. Hope all is well. You haven't posted on your blog in a while & I miss seeing your paintings.
    Nancy (tagnrocky)


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