Friday, February 12, 2010


Hummingbirds didn't come into my life until I moved to a home that had a hummingbird feeder. After settling in to my new surroundings, I walked out onto the front deck and saw the feeder hanging there and thought, "I may as well give it a try".

This was before the internet and Google with its instant access to information so I had to wait until I went to the library to find a recipe for the food.

I filled the feeder then forgot it for spring was arriving, gardens needed tending and lawns needed mowing. I don't remember how much time passed but enough for me to completely forget about the feeder, as it hung high above my clothesline and out of my line of sight.

After hanging my second towel on the line, I reached into my basket for another and heard a loud whirring sound next to my ear. The hummingbirds had found the feeder and from that day on they visited regularly.

What amazed me was their lack of fear. They would zip by, inches from my head, oblivious to me or my actions unless I got in the way of them and their feeder. This continued throughout the summer and I learned to love them, their bravery and their determination.

They are a wonderful bit of nature that are easy for us to enjoy

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