Friday, July 30, 2010

Invasive Plants and Squirrels

I've heard a lot on the news about the Hogweed that is spreading across Canada so when I found a similar looking plant while camping, I took a few pictures.  I didn't have my book to identify it there.

This first picture is a Hogweed but the ones I took are actually maybe Cow Parsnip?


Once I began taking pictures of weeds, I just continued                   
These lovely orange flowers I believe to be Hawk weed still closed in the morning light.   They were quite attractive.

I couldn't identify this pretty little white flower 

And ...finally the squirrel that was so annoyed with me he wouldn't quit chattering for an hour no matter how far I went from him.                                            


  1. Beautiful shots. In different areas common names differ. We have a Horse parsely with the umbrel blossom, nit seeing the leaf.The hawk weed looks fun , not many native reds around here. Not the same again,but i will hope to see more.the last looks like a bluebell family.We have had some groups organize pulls for nonnative plants to help get rid of them.

  2. I like getting pictures of flowers, but I'm terrible at identifying them. That third one is a kind I've studied closely myself. Your ornery little squirrel looks to be a red squirrel. They're the smallest, but feistiest of the bunch.

  3. The Hogweed bloom looks very similar to the weed we call Queen's Anne Lace.
    All your weed flowers are quite lovely. I have a love/hate relationship with the invasive Japanese Honeysuckle.
    My Squirrels fuss at me also.:)

  4. I do think that white flowered weed in the second photo looks like what we call Cow Parsley, but it's usually out in May and early June here. And I'm so pleased to know the name of the little orange/red flower. I've seen a lot of it here and photographed it because it makes such a nice splash of colour but didn't know its name. Thank you!

  5. Beautiful white umbrella! Thanks for Your kind comments on my images.

  6. Love these pictures. That does look like Cow Parsley. The little white flowers look a lot like twinflowers. What a lovely place to be.

  7. My first guess would have been Queen Anne's Lace, or perhaps Dill - depending on the overall size of the plant. Hogweed grows very large - almost a small tree! Have to check on the exact pattern of the leaves to be sure. ATB!

  8. Carole,

    Thanks for the comment!

    Lovely pictures!(What camera do you use?; now, I want to go camping.

    Also, I hope you do not mind that I added your blog to one of Zazzle threads in "Ideas to Promote Your Stuff".

    Hope to see more of your photos.


    Ren ^-^

  9. Beautiful photos, enjoyed them all.


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