Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Okanagan Lake

A while back I wrote an entry about how beautiful Okanagan lake was one day when there was absolutely no breeze.  I ended the post by saying that I wished I could find a picture of it since I didn't have a camera on the day it was so still and mirror-like.
A few weeks later I was pretty amazed when my daughter sent me photos she'd taken while out boating with her husband.  As you can see from the picture she found it pretty awesome too.

What a coincidence.

All photos by Nicole (Barkett) Platz


  1. Amazing photos! It's hard to find anywhere that peaceful around here. have you thought of making some of them into greeting cards?

  2. What a beautiful place! Somewhere I would love to visit.

  3. Wow!!! These are beyond words beautiful.

  4. I can hear the sound of silence in the pics...

  5. So peaceful shots
    The nature is so beautiful :))

  6. hello!! beautiful landscapes!! superb reflections!!


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